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0412 743 394 (emergency only)

Noel is the senior director of the practice and has over 40 years experience in the law. He started NR Barbi Solicitor in 1970 and continued as a sole practitioner until 2008 when Natalie Strijland joined as a partner. Noel is proud of his Italian Heritage and fosters his Italian clients, speaking Italian fluently.

Noel believes in practical solutions to legal matters with or without the assistance of Counsel. He practiced extensively in Family Law and Criminal matters for most of his career but in more recent times he concentrates his skills in commercial work. Noel has a ‘hands on’ approach when delegating matters to other members of the practice who deal with the various areas of law this firm practices.

Noel oversees a general practice and looks forward to further productive years with existing and new clients.

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